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Aurora Input Series 65

The Aurora Input Series is a modern take on the classic custom keyboard design. It features slim bezels and iconic 'handles', and improves on a number of aspects to bring the aesthetic many of us love to a whole new level.



While the case consists of a top and bottom piece milled from aluminium, it carefully hides the seam where these parts meet on its back and bottom sides, resulting in a gorgeous look all around. The typing angle is 8 degrees.



The bottom part of the case holds a massive weight in place which clocks in at around 1.5 kilograms. It is machined from a solid block of stainless steel and finished off by bead-blasting its surface.



The internal part of the keyboard is kept clean. A canal guides the cable to the USB-C daughter board at the back of the device. The inside surface of the bottom piece features the logos of Salvun, who will be producing the keyboard in Belgium, as well as Zambumon, who created the production files based on design sketches provided by Oblotzky and gave input on the keyboard to further improve it.


Plate & PCB

The plate, being 1.5mm thick, has a six-point mounting system and uses leaf springs for flexibility. ANSI and ISO layouts are also separated into two available variants so as to not jeopardize the integrity of the plate. The PCB, which is being provided by, is universal and covers both layouts.



The available colors for the case will be black and silver, while the two plate variants will each be offered in bead-blasted brass as well as black and silver anodized aluminium

The price is 529€ (479€ for non-EU) for a kit with Brass plate and 519€ (469€ for non-EU) for a kit with Aluminium plate. Extra PCB's are 59€ each while additional plates are 49€ for Brass and 39€ for Aluminium. All keyboards will be shipped from Germany.

A limited pre-order of 200 units will take place on November 23rd 2020. Spots will be assigned using a raffle.



- Material: Aluminium case, Stainless Steel weight, Brass or Aluminium plate
- Colors: Black and Silver
- Layout: 65% with both ANSI and ISO variants available
- Typing angle: 8°
- Width: 314.75mm
- Depth: 110.80mm
- Height: 19.57mm (front), 35.00mm (back)
- Weight: Approximately 2.25kg, depending on configuration
- Plate mounting style: 6-point top mount leaf spring
- Interface: USB-C
- Electronics: WT65-G PCB designed by, QMK compatible and fully programmable with VIA configurator

- Designed by Oblotzky and Zambumon, in collaboration with Salvun and Wilba
- Availability: 200 units
- Price: 529€ (479€ for non-EU) with Brass plate, 519€ (469€ for non-EU) with Aluminium plate, extra PCB's are 59€ each while additional plates are 49€ for Brass and 39€ for Aluminium
- Shipping prices: Germany 5€, Europe 15€, North America 45€, Asia 45€, Africa 55€, Central and South America 55€, Oceania 55€
- Ships from Germany on or before July 31st 2021

How to enter

Prepare for the raffle:
- Step 1: Join the Koi Raffle Discord Server
- Step 2: Verify your account on the Discord server by following the instructions in the #registration channel
- Step 3: Go to the Koi Raffle Website and authorize with your Discord account

The raffle will open on November 23rd 2020 at 6pm CET (9am PST) and remain available for 12 hours. Once the raffle is closed, 200 winners will be randomly selected from the entries and receive their invoices before the end of the week. The invoice will be sent to the E-Mail of your Discord account that you can see on the koi raffle website, but you will then be able to use the link in the E-Mail to check out with your account on the store. Invoices will go out in waves. You will have 48 hours to pay your invoice, if you miss to do so, a new winner will be selected for the slot.