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Group Buy Information

Many products sold by Oblotzky Industries are part of so called 'Group Buys'. These items have not yet been manufactured and are instead pre-sold to then be submitted to the manufacturer for production. Once finished, the products are received by us and finally shipped to you. Products of this category can be identified via the shipping date disclaimer. The dates given include a buffer to account for delays in production so items may ship ahead of time when received early.
The primary reasons for hosting group buys are that these products are made on demand in small quantities as well as giving customers the option to buy them at a lower price compared to purchasing from in-stock inventory.
After a group buy is closed, a limited amount of extra units will be made available as pre-orders at a higher price for the duration of production. Once remaining extras have reached in-stock inventory, they will receive their final retail pricing and ship within a few business days of purchase.
Placing your order during the Group Buy phase also ensures that you will receive a unit as extras are limited and may sell out quickly once they are released.