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Q1: Can I change the shipping address for my order?
A1: Reply to your order confirmation E-Mail with the request. Additional shipping cost may be charged if the country is being changed, and the new one is in a more remote zone relative to Germany. If you are moving into or out of the EU, this may need some additional time as I need to account for VAT paid or lack thereof.

Q2: Can I add or remove an item to my order?
A2: Reply to your order confirmation E-Mail with the request. Additional shipping cost may be charged if the increase in weight is significant, for example adding multiple deskmats.

Q3: Can I refund my order?
A3: Reply to your order confirmation E-Mail with the request.

Q4: There is an issue with my order, can you help me?
A4: Reply to your order confirmation E-Mail with the request.

Q5: I cannot find my order confirmation E-Mail.
A5: Reply to your order confirmation E-Mail with the request. Jk, please send an E-Mail to support@oblotzky.industries. Please do so from the E-Mail address that you placed the order with for verification.

Q6: Why can't I combine multiple group-buys / pre-orders in one order?
A6: Projects ship out at very different times. Due to current supply chain issues that affect production worldwide, this issue is elevated as some projects might initially look to ship within the same couple weeks, but actually end up being shipped months apart. Also, this would require storage space that I currently don't have an excess of, and also I do not have a system set up right now that would properly track all orders and ensure I don't accidentally deplete the stock of an item that would be required for a pending order to be fulfilled months later. I hope to offer this in the future, probably first for GMK sets that are running in adjacent months, once their lead times have come down significantly.

Q7: Do you ship to the UK?
A7: Generally yes, but the order has to be at least 160€ in value, excluding VAT and shipping cost. As long as this amount is not met, the checkout will tell you that there is no shipping option available. I do not collect and remit VAT to HMRC, instead you will be charged UK VAT plus a handling fee upon import by UK customs, this cost has to be paid to them by you.

Q8: Do you ship to [insert country]?
A8: If you can check out and place your order, then yes I do, so please try this first. If you can't, then feel free to E-Mail me and I can check if I can add your country to the list of possible shipping locations. Please be aware of local importing, you will most likely be charged taxes and fees.

Q9: Can you undervalue my package?
A9: No.

Q10: I am outside of the EU, do you remove VAT for my purchase?
A10: While pricing may initially show VAT included on the store when you first visit it, during the checkout any VAT will be removed if your address qualifies for that. Please note that VAT is always dependent on the shipping address, not where you are currently sitting or your billing address. If you are having your order ship to a proxy / forwarder within the EU, then you will still be charged VAT even if the order is then exported outside of the EU shortly after.

Q11: I am in the EU and would like to make a purchase for my company, can you remove the VAT?
A11: If you are in Germany, then you will have to make a regular purchase as Oblotzky Industries operates in Germany as well. You can then request the invoice via E-Mail (reply to your order confirmation E-Mail), which has the VAT listed for you to claim back through your USTVA filings. If you are in any other EU country, then please send an E-Mail to support@oblotzky.industries with the list of items you wish to purchase (be specific with quantities and when it comes to items with variants, such as colors), and also include your billing information with your VAT-ID. I will then verify that you are eligible, and if so, create a manual order that has the VAT removed which is E-Mailed back to you for you to pay. DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER FIRST AND THEN REQUEST THE VAT TO BE REFUNDED.

Q12: Do you have any discount codes available?
A12: I do not as I do not like in-the-know discount codes. Pricing should be equally fair to every visitor, so if there is a promotion active, it's automatically applied for every customer.

Q13: How long do responses take for support E-Mails?
A13: I try to respond to E-Mails within 24 hours, but this also depends on the complexity of the issue. Things like shipping address changes are usually done quickly. Please also respect holidays and weekends. While I am very enthusiastic and tend to reply on Sundays as well, some times I do take a day off. Also please keep time zones in mind. If you are from Australia and E-Mail me at 2am German time, you shouldn't be surprised you haven't gotten a response yet to your 8am follow up E-Mail either.

Q14: The group buy for [insert product] ended, but I can still buy it on the store?
A14: I purchase extras for almost all group buys that I run, and allocate a portion of those as pre-orders on the store. If you can buy it, then you are supposed to be able to in 99.9% of cases.

Q15: Will you have extras for [insert product]?
A15: Once all group-buy-orders and pre-orders of a product have shipped out, additional units may be listed on the store as in-stock items. Currently, these listings are announced on the Discord server only.

Q16: My payment status shows 'authorized', is there anything wrong with it?
A16: No, all payments made through PayPal or Credit Cards are not immediately captured on my end, meaning the funds are still in your wallet at the time. Either when the shipping label is created, or when more than 4 days have passed, will the funds automatically be captured. This is normal behavior and all is well with the payment!