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EU vendor (not me) failed, here are the sets
If you were affected, submit your order to me to buy it again but cheaper
Many sets, multiple phases, please have patience

GMK's statement on reddit

Long version
Unfortunately the European vendor was unable to satisfy their purchase agreements with GMK for keycap sets that were ran as group buys in the previous years. As such, and after much deliberation, GMK has decided to cancel these purchasing contracts and chose to sell the sets that were already produced through other channels (i.e. through here at Oblotzky Industries).

We want to prioritize customers that had already placed an order for the sets, as some have become very sought after as well. Please be aware that since made no payment to either GMK nor Oblotzky Industries for these projects, neither party will be able to issue any refunds, store credit or compensation in any other form to affected customers on their behalf. The debt remains outstanding at

Nonetheless, GMK has applied a discount for affected customers, and Oblotzky Industries is adding a much lower margin as well to cover just transaction costs, designer fees and other expenses.

As the total amount of projects being redirected is 76 keycap sets, I have opted to split this up into multiple Phases. I aim to complete one Phase per month, starting with 15 keycap sets for Phase 1 in April.

This endeavor is for GMK keycaps only, no other collaboration items are offered here, no artisan or metal keycaps, no cables, no deskmats etc.

A message to the designers of these sets
Due to the amount of projects that I am working through now, I am not able to reach out to each of you individually. I am setting aside a 5€ share for every Base kit that was sold through this special offering, and further adding 8€ for every Base kit that is sold as In-Stock. It may take some time until I reach out to you individually to pay out the individual balances as this is quite an undertaking that will cost me a lot of time to manage. I hope this is acceptable and understandable that I chose a standardized solution given the scope of the project.

For previous customers of these keysets, please read carefully until the end
Please see the linked product pages below to view the discounted price, a separate 'Special' item was created for each kit to differentiate between this special offer and the regular in-stock price of these items. These special items are showing as sold-out as I have to verify each purchase so please don't panic, more information below on how you can place an order for them.

While sets from Phases 2 and onwards will at first only be purchasable by previous customers to guarantee them their sets, sets from Phase 1 are also leftovers from US vendors that had the same fate. As such, during Phase 1, most sets can also be openly pre-ordered by anyone (supply is limited) through the regular store listing. During Phases 2 and onwards, only previous customers will be able to purchase these sets at first, and then towards the end orders will be made open to the public.

Phase 1 is now active and will close on Sunday, April 14th at 23:59 German time so that I can submit all numbers to GMK first thing Monday morning. The sets will then be compiled in their warehouse and shipped to me, so that I can fulfill these on the 19th at the earliest and hopefully 22nd at the latest.

For future phases, it is best that you join my Discord where I will ping once a new phase begins, I expect this to be roughly at the beginning of each month but it may vary, TBD.

How to purchase
First, please make an account on my store and set your shipping address as default so that taxes are calculated correctly when I create your order (VAT varies between EU countries and non-EU countries will be entirely VAT free).

Then, make a screenshot of the confirmation E-Mail of your pending order(s) from MyKeyboard, and send an E-Mail titled 'MyLeftovers' from the same E-Mail that your store account was made with to including the screenshot(s). You may remove items from your order (strike them out in paint), so for example you can chose to only buy the Base kit now, but I cannot add items that weren't in your order before as supply may not be sufficient.

Once I've received your E-Mail, I will recreate your order in my store for your account and you will then receive an E-Mail with a button where you can check out the items. This will get you past the out-of-stock showing of the product page and ensures only customers that are eligible are able to purchase these items.

If you have sets pending that are not part of the current Phase then please exclude them from your submission and make a separate submission when the time has come for those sets.

For any specific questions, I've also created a help channel on my discord where this endeavor can be discussed.

Please do not submit requests for sets that are not part of the current phase.

The following List of phases is preliminary, things may still change depending on how this goes, but I hope to stick to it.

Phase 1 - CONCLUDED - Some in-stock extras remain for public purchase
GMK CYL Arctic
GMK CYL Bingsu R2
GMK CYL Bordeaux
GMK CYL Cinder
GMK CYL Classic Arabic
GMK CYL Cream Matcha
GMK CYL Gladiator
GMK CYL Mercury
GMK CYL Terror
GMK CYL Tiramisu
GMK CYL Slasher
GMK CYL WoB & BoW Hangul R2

Phase 2 - NOW LIVE - Previous customers have priority until May 23rd, then open to public until May 27th
GMK CYL Moonlight
GMK CYL Hazakura
GMK CYL Peaches'n'Cream Lite
GMK CYL Lazurite
GMK CYL Cyrillic Beige & WoB
GMK CYL Boulder
GMK CYL Blurple
GMK CYL Astral Light
GMK CYL Grey on Black
GMK CYL Nimbus
GMK CYL Rouge R2
GMK CYL Tenshi
GMK CYL Handarbeige

Phase 3
GMK CYL Earth Tones
GMK CYL Higabana
GMK CYL Moomin
GMK CYL Classic Retro Zhuyin
GMK CYL Shadow
GMK CYL Shashin
GMK CYL Monochrome R2
GMK CYL Stargaze
GMK CYL British Racing Green
GMK CYL Lychee
GMK CYL Peach Blossom R2
GMK CYL Marmoreal

Phase 4
GMK CYL Zen Pond
GMK CYL Classic BoW
GMK CYL Nightlight
GMK CYL WoB Red Cyrillic
GMK CYL Re-Forged
GMK CYL Harvest
GMK CYL Firefly R2
GMK CYL Pharao
GMK CYL Momo  Yume
GMK CYL Kitsune
GMK CYL Abyssal

Phase 5
GMK CYL Maroon
GMK CYL Orange Boi
GMK CYL Soyamilk
GMK CYL Evil Eye
GMK CYL Blossom
GMK CYL TeraDrive
GMK CYL Missing Keys R2
GMK CYL November Fog
GMK CYL Villanelle
GMK CYL Infernal
GMK CYL Yütousu
GMK CYL Coral R2

This is insane, send help