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Deskeys Topre MX Sliders

Deskeys Topre MX Sliders

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Premium designed sliders for MX keycaps. Compatible with almost all brands of MX keycaps like SP, GMK, CRP, EPBT etc.

Designed to be used with #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 des-silence rings without the need for Deskeys dome gaskets.
#3 Silencing Ring - 4.0 mm travel
#5 Silencing Ring - 3.8 mm travel (Same as Type-S) (recommend)
#7 Silencing Ring - 3.6 mm travel

This item is in Stock and will ship from Germany within a few business days.

- Produced by Deskeys in China
- Pack of 17 (does not include stabilizer sliders or spacebar stabilizer)
- Tight tolerances and POM material allows for least amount of key wobble as well as top level smoothness
Does NOT SUPPORT Realforce RGB keyboard

Quantity guide
- 4 x 17 = 68 (Covers FC660C, HHKB)
- 5 x 17 = 85 (Covers R2 TKL, 87u)
- 6 x 17 = 102 (Covers FC980C, 104u, 108u)