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ATTENTION - The Renders only show one layout (WK / WKL) per color, your order will contain the layout you selected regardless of the render of that color showing WK or WKL.

Accessories for this keyboard can be purchased here: Ellipse Accessories

In the words of the designer - "Having been in the hobby for a while (since late 2015), I’ve seen plenty of 60% designs, trends and features.
This made me hesitant to do a standard layout design as I didn’t know what to add to the table without the design looking… like a nice rectangle.

Ellipse is my take on the always popular and in-demand 60% keyboard layout. It also marks a new chapter in my journey in keyboard design.
I thought about making Ellipse a bit more… different while still keeping it sleek, modern and versatile."

- Manufactured in China
- Made of Aluminium and Brass
- Winkey and Winkeyless layouts
- ANSI with Tsangan bottom row, NO ISO!
- Various mounting styles possible, Hamburger / Isolation Gasket / O-Ring
- 6 degree typing angle
- USB-C connection
- VIA compatible PCB
- Designed by funderburker

- Keyboard case, top + bottom + weight
- Full aluminium plate in black
- CannonKeys carrying case and micro fibre cloth
- Screws, O-Rings, Gaskets, Rubber Feet

Regional Vendors
Asia - iLumKB
Oceania - DailyClack
United Kingdom - proto[Typist]
United States - CannonKeys

Kindly note that the images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colors may differ slightly.