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Ex Arkhe

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"The name of this keyboard means 'the beginning' and marks my first keyboard design.
Aesthetically I was inspired by the shape of the rowing shell and the katamaran; which manifests in curved profiles, bezels and a seamless shape reminiscent of a boats motion over water." - Lil

This item is a Group Buy with unlimited units available that will remain open until June 28th 2021. It is expected to ship from Germany on or before June 30th, 2022. For more information, please visit the Group Buy Information page. Additionally, Group Buy items cannot be combined with other products in the store in a single order.

If an additional plate is purchased, it will be in the same color as the plate in the selected color combination already is.

- Seamless side profiled anodised 6063 Aluminium case
- Anodised Aluminium plate
- WKL 7u only bottom row with fixed Ansi enter
- (Plate files will be available later for ISO)
- 4.2-degree typing angle/20.5mm front height
- O-ring mount with Jane CE V2 mounting points
- Custom H88 PCB by Hineybush with centred USB-C daughterboard
- VIA compatible
- F13 TKL form factor
- Ships in Monokei KABAN case
- Designed by Lil

Dimensions & Approximate weight
- 369.2mm wide
- 145.3mm deep
- 30.4 mm height at the back
- 20.6 mm height at the front
- Built weight - 1.9kg

Regional Vendors
Asia - Monokei
Canada - Ashkeebs
United States - Space Cables

Kindly note that the images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colors may differ slightly.