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GMK Color Samples
GMK Color Samples
GMK Color Samples

GMK Color Samples

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Interested in seeing the full range of GMK stock colors firsthand? Want to make a rainbow accent row? There are many uses for the GMK stock color boxes beyond just referencing, but if you're looking to design a keycap set this is a great place to start!

CYL ABS Specifications
(R1, for CYL Profile. Doubleshot color code.)
RO1, P3, V1, RO2, 3C, MG1, V2, N6, CV, GE1, DY, TU2, TU1, N5, V4, 3A, 3B, AE, N7, BR1, U9, L9, T9, 3K, 2M, GR1, WS2, WS24, CP, WS1, SW1, CR, N9, BV, CC, 2B, BJ, CB

MTNU PBT Specifications
(R1, for MTNU Profile. Doubleshot color code.)
XRO3, XP3, XRO1, X3C, XMG1, XV2, XOR1, XN6, XCV, XGE1, XDY, XTU2, XV4, X3A, XAE, XN7, XU9, XL9, XCP, XW1, XS1, XN9, XCC, X2B